Interview with Alan Gorrie and Onnie McIntyre of the Average White band Tuesday 8th June 2004









Alan Gorrie - bass guitar and lead vocals was brought up on Stevie Wonder.  He told Colin how the band got started in 1969/1971, when he joined up with Onnie and four other guys in London. He explained how Pickup the Pieces came about, and how Marvin Gaye had sang with the band and forgot the words!  Alan is now based in the USA and misses Marks and Spencers.  He still reads the Scotsman newspaper online and listens to the World Service.  Alan's first instrument was the banjo



















Onnie McIntyre - guitar - told Colin how the band started with a love of soul music and his love of James Brown. Why the name 'The Average White Band'? Onnie explained how his friend always had a phrase for various occasions. Apparently no-one has ever asked him what instrument he first played but he was tinkering on his mums piano when he was 5 or 6 years old. Onnie explained how the band ended up in the USA and how he misses a decent pint. He also explains about the new album 'Living In Colour'.