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Welcome to Strawberry Jazz

Broadcast live every Wednesday night 8pm-10pm UK time

Who listens to Strawberry Jazz? Since 2004 we've had emails for people all over world regularly listening to our radio show, including Russia, Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia and Africa.

Great musicians like Four80East, Mike Murray, Michael Franks, The French Guys and Dolores Hardcastle (Paul Hardcastle's partner) listens to Strawberry Jazz. Robbie Vincent has also called the studio to say how much he enjoyed Strawberry Jazz.

So, if you're an up and coming Smooth Jazz artist please contact us and we'll play your latest tracks.

"Hi Colin I listened to your set on Christmas morning and again today and I also listened last Christmas too and I will not miss you on Wednesday and new year day too. I would like to say thank you for your dedication to your listeners on what was a splendid and classy set on Christmas day. I really enjoy listening to you and you always make christmas that little bit extra special for me anyways. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and thanks again.

Angela Pollitt

P U R E  S T Y L E"

Peter Dunn September 2020

"Excellent show, Colin
🙂 Thank you for playing wonderful tunes (especilally the amazing Japanese track) 🙂 See you next week 🙂 Cheers from Belgium"

Bernard Vandevandel Belgium September 2020

"I just wanted to say that I was a Jazz-Funk-Soul DJ for about 35yrs and I thought I had excellent taste in music, but you are on another level. You show is brilliant, gets me through a gym session, but right now its keeping me sane - not a joke. Please keep up the outstanding work.  All the Best  Paul Martyn

"Colin your more than  worth every last split second of your show on Wednesdays ALWAYS in teeooun..classy stylist NEVER seen b4. Excellency..101%"

Peter Dunn Facebook March 2020"

"That was so much fun hearing Kerri Chandler Dick Dickler on Wednesday fantastic Your shows truly are incredible my friend"

Craig Banister

"This is without doubt best show I've heard on radio today spanning 3 jazz funk soul stations no disrespect to the others."

Mark Harris Facebook

"Hi Colin, just a word to say how much I enjoy Strawberry Jazz. It is the musical highlight of my week for years now. It has introduced many wonderful artists to me that I would never have heard on mainstream radio. Many, many thanks and best regards. Gerry Mc Guinness, Wexford, Ireland."

"I'm from Botucatu - São Paulo - Brazil, and i like so much StrawberryJazz. Congratulations."

"Hi Colin
My name is Brian Lloyd, I have been a avid fan of your show for well over ten years and I must admit have been guilty of never getting in touch.I struggle to listen my Wife Chris & myself always catch the the pod cast on a Thursday/Friday evening each week while we enjoy a lovely meal and the odd bottle of red!

We have always been a massive soul & smooth jazz fans but you have introduced us to so much more. Four80east, Micheal Franks, Triang sun, Michael E to name but a few.

Thank you Colin so much for doing what you do so well never stop.

Brian & Christine

"When I was a bit younger, say 25 years ago, I'm 50 now, I was really into Magical music and dance and deep spiritual studies of all religious faiths and practices including esoteric mystery religions. Your music tonight Colin really tripped a switch in my brain to remind me not to forget or give up on continuing a mystical life!! I remember when for a short period I was into Whirling Dervish Divine meditation where you spin round in a free flowing Sufi Dance Witch really is a Prayer to God in Sacred Dance and leads to Union with the Cosmic Force of Creation in a sort of ecstasy Witch really deeply affects you forever. Some of your music tonight Colin induced such a reaction in my Soul tonight, so thanks Colin so much , you obviously are a very deep thinking Human Soul whom searches for truth and beauty including the musical arts.
God bless you richly.
Lots love and Blessings.
Michael O'Brien.
In Tallow.
Republic of Ireland."