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Interview with Paul Hardcastle July 2008





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Becki Vocalist on Hardcastle 5

After performing for up to eight hours a day on a tour to Miami aged 16, Becki decided she wanted to be a musician.  Her parents were horrified...
Really, though, they shouldn't have been so surprised, as there were some pointers along the way.  At the age of 12 Becki was entered into, and duly won, the Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Competition.  She began playing the clarinet, closely followed by the alto saxophone, even more closely followed by the tenor saxophone, working her way through the ranks of her school band, Adjazz, as they toured from La Rochelle to Los Angeles and Louisiana to Liverpool.
Since graduating from Leeds College of Music, she has performed with several ensembles including the Laurie Holloway Trio and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.  Becki is also a member of the 'Head and Neck Sessions', a Nu-jazz group based in London, and has collaborated with Paul Hardcastle on the no. 1 selling Smooth Jazz album Hardcastle 5.

Paul Hardcastle Junior

Paul and Maxine
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Paul Performing Nineteen at the Royal Albert Hall