Triangle Sun
Every Wednesday 8pm-10pm
Repeated Sundays 4am-6am
Triangle Sun - the founder, leader and vocalist of the famous Russian composer Alexander Knyazev (who wrote the music for the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Sochi and many world projects)

Triangle Sun took over Ibiza by participating in Café del Mar Festival (Ibiza).

The only Russian project, whose compositions entered the legendary world music collections Café Del Mar and Buddha Bar and more than two dozen other collections, becoming the first Russian tracks in the most famous collections of the world.

Triangle Sun was the first Russian project to play at Global Gathering Festival in London.

Triangle Sun is in the global rotation of MTV around the world. Also the project in rotation of the channel VH1 in in in Brazil, Viva TV in Germany and Poland

These days Triangle Sun music is played at major international and Russian festivals, social events and best night clubs where live electronic music lovers are gathering.

Triangle Sun tracks got rotation in 53 countries in 3 continents.

Project Manager Alexander Knyazev boldly experimenting with sound, but certainly adheres to its corporate identity, recognizable style.

The sound of the project is constantly changing, and something unique, inherent only in Triangle Sun, remains always.

Triangle Sun headliner of fashion events such as: GQ, Vogue, ELLE
Triangle Sun - Iris
Triangle  Sun - Diamond
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