Strawberry Jazz Studio
Every Wednesday 8pm-10pm
Repeated Sundays 4am-6am
Strawberry Jazz
We’ve been doing since 7th January 2004 and we thought we would show you how it’s done.

3 Computers

1 running  Windows 7, 2 running Windows 10

Computer Left

Broadcasts out from mixer via winamp to Solar Radio’s broadcaster Channel 0129 on Sky

We're using Playit recorder software scheduled to record the show so it can be uploaded as a podcast to our podcasts page and mixcloud.

We use ocenaudio to edit mp3 files free mp3 editor.

We also run PPM Mini to monitor output from mixer.

Free Vector world clocks UK, New York, San Fransico, New Deli and Melbourne.

Firefox running our website

Computer Right

Connected to channel 2 of mixer.

Running Jingle Pallet for Jingles

Twitter feed

Facebook desktop message for chat.


Centre computer. Dell XPS 17" i7 Laptop

Connected to channel 1 of mixer.

Running Zararadio to play the show.

3 Remote Controls

1. Controlling 5.1 Surround Sound Monitor

2. By By Standby turns everything off except computer towers.

3. Backlit lighting.

Behind Laptop

Mini headphone mixer

Mini microphone pre amp.


Left IP phone

Right deck hotline


Cup of tea (what else)

Audio-technics Headphones

AKG Condenser Microphone
Contact Us
Colin Hughes