Sugar and Silk
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Sugar and Silk
Danny Sugar (Bass) and Oli Silk (Keyboards).

It was during 1996, whilst at college, that Oli and Danny first met. They immediately struck up a rapport with their common interest in jazz. Their first band was a six piece rock/jazz fusion band. Then came a twelve piece soul covers band. Neither allowed the boys to truly express their skills and compositional ideas and so they decided to embark on their own separate recording project. Their first album ‘Sugar & Silk – Fact or Friction?’ Was released in October 2000 and was a completely original self-penned album.

Now in 2002 Sugar and Silk are back in full groove with the release of their second album ‘Duality’ which is set to wholly establish them in the successful world of Smooth Jazz.

Danny was born in Israel on January 30th 1979, where his musical career began, playing piano at the age of 6. His father was a professional jazz pianist and his mother a classical violinist. At the age of 14 Danny made the decision to switch from piano to bass guitar where he was able to nurture a more natural talent. Now aged 23, Danny has developed his own individual style and a sound of his own.

Oli was born in London on 7th March 1979. He began playing the keyboard at age 5 and started having lessons at age 11. He took part in numerous variety and stage shows right through his teenage years. He achieved honours in all of his London College of Music exams in Electronic keyboard. Oli has always had a love of jazz and soul music and his playing style was beginning to reflect those influences. After studying music at school he continued his studies at college.

The Band

Joe Becket - Percussion

Joe born in SW London has been playing from the age of 14. His influences being Herbie Hancock and Roy Ayers, as jazz fusion is his great love. Joe has worked with the now influential producer 'Steve Mac' and has toured with Spandau Ballet and Paul Weller.

Joel Clempson - Drummer

Born in Essex but now based in London. Joel had his first drum kit bought by his dad (Clem Clempson, guitarist with 70’s band ‘Humble Pie’) when he was three. Joel says “The sticks were bigger than me” Joel has not only played drums with his dad on tour but has also sessioned with many top stars, not least Elton John on the National Lottery Live show.

Ian Crabtree - Guitar

Ian hails from Leicester and has played with the likes of Mr Gone, Down to Bone, Reuben Wilson, New Jazz Hustlers and Afro Elements. Ian writes his own original material and currently gigs around the Leicester area with vocalist Jane Hamilton. He has recently contributed to a track on the new Richard Elliot album.

James Vargas - Saxophone

James, born in Baker Street, London has been playing the sax since he was 11 years old. James undertakes live gigs all around London and Europe and has played with such luminaries as Del Viking and Nappy Brown. We will be hearing a lot more from James as he is currently working on his first solo project.

Jane Hamilton - Vocals

Jane who hails from Scotland now resides in Leicester. She is a prolific singer/.songwriter and comes from a very musical family. Jane’s brother, Steve plays and tours with Bill Bruford. She gigs regularly around the Leicester area performing her self penned repertoire.

Paula Crawford - Vocals

John Reid - Vocals


Sugar & Silk - Duality
Sugar & Silk – Fact Or Friction
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