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Every Wednesday 8pm-10pm
Repeated Sundays 4am-6am
Broadcast live every Wednesday night 8pm-10pm UK time via www.solarradio.com and on DAB in  Brighton, in the London area, with the boundary of the North and South Circular Roads,  and Norwich. Also on an Amazon Dot or Echo and Google Home device more information.

Who listens to Strawberry Jazz? Since 2004 we've had emails for people all over world regularly listening to our radio show, including Russia, Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia and Africa.

Great musicians like Four80East, Mike Murray, Michael Franks, The French Guys and Dolores Hardcastle (Paul Hardcastle's partner) listens to Strawberry Jazz. Robbie Vincent has also called the studio to say how much he enjoyed Strawberry Jazz.

So, if you're an up and coming Smooth Jazz artist please contact us and we'll play your latest tracks.

Mike Murray's latest album

Mike Murray - Destinations
More Info...
Go to Bo's Beach Bar Salcombe Bay where they listen to Strawberry Jazz.

What our listeners say about our show...

Lee Hohbein

Great show as always. I’m using magical inflight WiFi and you’re keeping me company as we head to Los Angeles (landing in just over an hour).


Good evening Colin

Your choice of music is amazing.  Really helps me to relax.  Wish you could be on Solar every night.

Hello Colin
Felt I had to write having listened to you for about 6 years.
Couldn’t believe the music you played when I stumbled across Strawberry jazz one Wednesday. In my working life, now retired I usually worked Wednesday evenings and Sunday’s so never listened to Solar when you were on.

Finding the podcasts was wonderful and changed my listening, instead of putting up with mediocre music in the car and at home I can now listen to sounds I love. Music I would have never found on my own.

I love the chatter in between the tunes and the back stories to the artists and the tunes.
Can’t rave about Strawberry jazz enough and I’m spreading the word!

Love the sound of a meet up for Strawberry fans.

Thanks Colin!
Living in a tiny hamlet in Hampshire called Faccombe!

"P U R E  S T Y L E"

Peter Dunn

"I just wanted to say that I was a Jazz-Funk-Soul DJ for about 35yrs and I thought I had excellent taste in music, but you are on another level. You show is brilliant, gets me through a gym session, but right now its keeping me sane - not a joke. Please keep up the outstanding work."

All the Best  Paul Martyn

"Colin your more than  worth every last split second of your show on Wednesdays ALWAYS in teeooun..classy stylist NEVER seen b4. Excellency..101%"
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